Since 1993, Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC) has dedicated itself to developing the strength, health, confidence and leadership of Warlpiri youth. The program aims to promote positive and meaningful future pathways for all young Warlpiri people.

The notable, and sustainable, success of the program has been firmly based on the strength of Warlpiri youth and their communities, as well as the ongoing commitment of staff. The program was created by, and for, Warlpiri people, and is governed by a Warlpiri Committee.

WYDAC head office is located in Yuendumu Community, however WYDAC is comprised of a variety of programs operating at five different Warlpiri sites – Yuendumu, Willowra, Nyirrpi, Lajamanu and Mt Theo Outstation. There are currently 50 staff across the entire organization with more than half of these being Warlpiri people. WYDAC services are grouped into four key areas.

1. Youth Development Programs

  • Yuendumu Jaru Pirrjirdi Youth Development Program incl. Yuendumu Pool
  • Willowra Youth Development Program
  • Nyirrpi Youth Development Program
  • Lajamanu Youth Development Program

2. Client Services

  • Yuendumu WWK Counselling Program
  • Outreach Counselling Program
  • Mt Theo Outstation

3. Management and Administration

  • WYDAC Board and Management
  • Administration
  • Quality Management

4. Program Infrastructure

  • Mechanic Training Workshop
  • Infrastructure Support

WYDAC, and Warlpiri communities, began by challenging a generation destroying itself through substance misuse. Strong and skilled community action created an environment for healthy change and sustained success. This work has broadened greatly over the last decade beyond the initial crisis of petrol sniffing to any risk, opportunity or pathway arising for young Warlpiri people. WYDAC continues to facilitate the profound strength and capacity of Warlpiri youth, and their families, to meet these challenges and establish positive and meaningful futures.