2010 saw the release of Andrew Stojanovski’s Dog Ear Café. Described by critics to be a ‘true-life adventure story’, his book very candidly discusses how he, alongside Peggy Brown and Johnny Miller, founded the Mt Theo Program in 1994 to end the devastation caused by what has long been considered Australia’s worst drug issue.

Andrew’s personal recollections demonstrate the Mt Theo Program’s evolution from what began as a small, responsive grassroots project to the community’s fully functioning non-profit organisation that it is today.

The book delves into issues such as indigenous alcoholism, welfare dependency, racial economics and well-intended policies and programs with remarkable insight, offering an ideology, which prioritises the formation of relationships within traditional Warlpiri culture.  By delivering firsthand knowledge and accounts of his experiences, Andrew uses his wit and charm to explain how his relationship with the region and its people assisted in breaking down long-standing racial divides.

Following numerous book launches across the country, Dog Ear Café was met with enthusiasm by various community members and stakeholders alike. At its core, the book embarks not only to tell a truly inspirational story, but also to offer recognition and gratitude to all that have been involved in the Mt Theo journey over the years.

Dog Ear Café has featured regularly in the media since its release, with articles in publications such as The Australian, The Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and ABC Life Matters radio segment.

Andrew Stojanovski, better known to the Warlpiri people as Yakajirri, recently embarked on a 120km walk to the Mt Theo Outstation, the heart of the program. Here, he presented the first official copy of Dog Ear Café to the program’s founders and traditional owners of the land as a symbolic gesture that acknowledged their dedication to saving the lives of young Warlpiri people.

* Dog Ear Cafe is available in bookstores in Australia. Alternatively, to purchase the book via WYDAC email admin@wydac.org.au

The proceeds from sales of the book will support the ongoing running of Yuendumu community pool.

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