The Organisation

Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC), formerly Mt Theo Program, was started by Yuendumu Community in 1993 to address chronic petrol sniffing in Yuendumu. WYDAC achieved unprecedented community success in this initial struggle, which led to considerable growth in the scope of the services provided. WYDAC now provides a comprehensive range of programs that deliver diversion, development, treatment and leadership services throughout the Warlpiri region. WYDAC was created by and for Warlpiri people and is governed by a Warlpiri Committee. WYDAC head office is located in Yuendumu Community and WYDAC has permanent staffing and operations at five different Warlpiri sites; Yuendumu, Willowra, Nyirrpi, Lajamanu remote communities and Mt Theo Outstation. The notable and sustainable successes of the program have been firmly based on the support and strength of local Warlpiri youth and their communities, as well as the ongoing commitment of staff.

Volunteering with WYDAC

During the longer school holiday periods in June-July, and December-January, WYDAC often seeks volunteers to assist with Youth Program Activity in Yuendumu and in Lajamanu. These roles are unpaid, but WYDAC does provide assistance getting volunteers to site, and provide basic accommodation for the duration. Volunteers assist existing Youth Teams to run a vibrant and varied youth program for Warlpiri young people. This includes sport activities, bush trips, craft and educational activities, discos, and in Yuendumu, helping out at the Swimming Pool. All in all, it is an intense, but rewarding experience, that gives volunteers a chance to build their skills in this field. Past volunteers often represent very strong applicants when positions become available within the WYDAC team.

If you are interested in applying for a volunteer role this year, please email with a brief cover letter and resume. We will need to know what availability you have and what motivates you. All WYDAC staff and volunteers are required to have an Ochre card. These can be applied for at the following site