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Youth Development Programs

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The four Youth Development programs support Warlpiri youth in the creation of positive, meaningful futures as individuals and for the benefit of their communities. This occurs through a range of diversionary (youth program, culture and projects) and development (training, education and employment support) programs that develop a positive sense of self, family leadership and culture.

CD-launchLevel 1 engages young people (5-25 year olds) in a consistent program of positive, healthy and safe diversionary, cultural and project activities, aimed at increasing enjoyment, interests and challenges, whilst correspondingly reducing negative behaviours such as substance misuse or other at risk activity. These activities combine to establish a positive youth culture, that promotes key values such as healthy lifestyles, cultural strength and school attendance.

Level 2 creates productive and formal life pathways for Warlpiri youth through opportunities from Jaru Trainee membership, Training, Education and Employment:

Training and Education

Supports 5 -25 year olds to re-engage in learning and education, through a variety of informal and formal education/training opportunities.

  • Provide young people aged 5-25 with a wide range of informal learning opportunities to promote re-engagement and development of their education, including support to return to school.
  • Involve young people aged 16+ as Jaru youth program trainees, developing work readiness.
  • Provide formal learning through accredited courses.

Life and Employment Pathways

Young people aged 16+ are supported to develop employment and life pathways, to participate solidly in community life. Young people who have engaged in Jaru training and education are supported to find further employment, and/or community leadership roles.

The WYDAC Warlpiri Employment Pathway Policy allows for young people to assist the youth program as trainees. Regular and consistent trainees are eligible to be employed as casual or Permanent Part time staff. We will also facilitate employment with other local organisations and mentor new employees.